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I'm a Cincinnati-based writer,  business columnist, researcher (resume), poet, and self-taught artist (artpoetryresume.)  In 1998, I received an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for poetry about the Vietnam War.  I have spent a number of years assisting entrepreneurs and small business owners with research and guidance. 

I was a McMicken Honors Scholar at the University of Cincinnati and graduated with an independent major, B.S., in environmental science.  I indulge my life-long passion as an amateur naturalist with a flock of parrots, half of whom are rescued birds.  I have taken some of them on outreach programs to Cincinnati area libraries with programs for children and adults.  

My co-author on Betty and Connie's Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide, Betty Ann Smiddy, has compiled and written a marvelous history of College Hill, the neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I have lived since 1989.  Here is the second edition of A Little Piece of Paradise...College Hill, Ohio  

Also, she and I have put together a website on the local building history of Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford.  We are currently working on a guide to the history of newly renovated, as well as historically significant, buildings in Over-the-Rhine. 

Diane Hewat, Synergy Global, (Australia):   

"My life is so very much richer because I have worked with Connie.  She always inspires me with her enthusiasm, outright honesty, talent and incredible mystic gift where she not only sees what I am going through, but offers me a rainbow of options that are all wonderfully creative and enticing for me.  This, combined with her natural enthusiasm and practical encouragement, she always manages to help me see the best that I can be – and is surprised that I don’t realize this for myself!!!  Connie is organized, honest, talented, dedicated, supportive, inspired, and, most important of all, she has the gift of being aware of how she, and everything around her, can be encouraged to work together to make the world a magical, enchanting, wonderful place to be. 

A slow moving potto at the 

Cincinnati Zoo 

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